Google recently released a new version of Android Oreo . Android oreo (GO) edition . In google i/o they gave us a brief about this project & here it is now.

Android GO is basically a lite version of full android oreo , for the budget oriented devices. Main focus of android GO is to provide  good efficiency while taking less space. Most of the budget android devices these days have performance issues because their OS are not well optimized , but android go is well optimized all the applications under GO are lite and fluid.


1. MORE STORAGE – New android GO operating system is built in such a way that it will provide you more storage space by taking less space in Memory of your device. According to google

“With fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps you get 2x more available storage out of the box. Storage issues, solved.”

image credit – google website

2. BETTER PERFORMANCE – Google enhanced their apps in such a way that , they will perform faster than ever under GO edition. Size of the application is much smaller than compare to their orignal version .

3. DATA SAVER –  Google included a “DATA SAVER” in this sweet package . which will help to save our previous Mobile and Wifi data.  Now even chrome has its own data saver which will limit the background data and save us upto 60% of total data usage.

4. Google Play Protect – Google play protect is new programme built to provide protection against the harmful or malicious applicationsIt will scan all the applications on your device and give to prompt to uninstall those apps which are not safe to use.

5. Play Store applications –  Now there is a huge number of applications in the play store with LITE VERSIONS. example – Facebook Lite , Messenger Lite , Skype Lite

I think android go is a great OPERATING system for budget oriented devices . LOVE GOOGLE for what they are doing for us.<3