Android P is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Every year a new & better version of Android is being released by Google.  Basically, Android is based on a modified version of Linux kernel & other open source softwares. Android has been the best – selling operating system worldwide on the smartphones since 2011.

This year Google came up with Android P (Right now we don’t have any clue what P stands for. (“Comment down your ideas – “Mine is PARLE- G ♥” ))


Google introduced “Android P” with the moto of Simplicity, speed & many new ways to extend the user experience. It is first ever developer preview of Android P so, you cannot expect much from this preview (many features are still to come) but I can guarantee that it is shaping great.


  • Display cutout support
  • Better GPS Positioning  
  • Re-design
  • Multi-camera support update
  • HEIF Support
  • System Refinement 


Since iPhone X every other manufacturer has implemented a cut-out or notch on their smartphones. So, Google came up with this idea & they added support for the latest edge to edge screen with display cutout for camera & speaker. It will help developers to determine the existence & placement of these cutouts areas.


android cutoutsandroid notch

Fig:- It represents how Google simulate a display with a cutout.


Android P features a new way to position your device. It support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol—also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT).   WHAT? RIGHT?

android P GPS

Android P use Wi-Fi networks & GPS both to locate your global position. If your device measures the distance to 3 or more APs, your device will use an algorithm to estimate the device position that best fits those measurements. The result is typically accurate within 1 to 2 meters. 

REAL LIFE IMAGINARY EXAMPLE:- suppose “A” is in a big store and he is unable to find a particular product. All he has to do is unlock his phone and let it do the magic. Means your phone now can track you very very precisely.


In the design department, Android P has several enhancements. Which are following:-

Oveandroid p panelrall design 

Design of new Android P is kind of roundy. I  mean look at this notification panel round buttons, round corners everything is round. Round is good isn’t it “Let me know in the comment section?”.

Google also introduces new animations with “P” which are looking cool & soothing.



Messages & reply

Now in new android messenger, you can do these following thing right from the notification panel.

android PReply:- In Android oreo, you can just reply the text instantly but with “P” you can

  • View last 2 or 3 messages.
  • Reply them.
  • Save them to Archive.
  • Most exciting you can you use smart reply to them ( like you have in Allo or Reply app by Google).
  • Support for images – you can also view photos in your notification panel.



Other Design Changes

  • Do not disturb mode
  • Channel Broadcast
  • Notification manager

Multi-camera support update

Multi-camera support update in Android P can be game-changing for some devices. Right now a manufacturer like Samsung does extra efforts in their UI to use both the camera at once (FEATURE CALLED LIVE FOCUS IN SAMSUNG CAMERA ;)). But in “P” Google added a software feature right into the OS that allows “P” to take advantage of both the cameras at once. Therefore if you have a smartphone with dual camera & Android P in it you can take a photo and choose later from a Wide or Normal camera shot.

HEIF Support

HEIF ( High-Efficiency Image Format) is a more streamlined way to store image files. Using advanced, modern compression methods it allows digital photographs to be created in smaller files sizes, all while retaining higher image quality than its JPEG alternative. Apple also replaced JPED with HEIF in IOS 11. And now Google also provided a support for HEIF means now you do not have to change the file format of the file if you received it from an Apple holder.

System Refinement 

The system & functioning of Android oreo is already mind-blowing but there is still room for improvement. Improvement from oreo to “P” is following:-Android P

  1. Android P adds built-in support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). so, you can now deliver HDR-enabled movies to your users from YouTube, Play Movies, and other sources on HDR-capable devices.
  2.  It has been improved in NETWORK handling department. Now you can lose your way but your signal won’t.
  3. Oreo (8.0) introduced the autofill framework, which makes it easier to fill out forms in apps. Android P introduces multiple improvements that autofill services can implement to further enhance the user experience when filling out forms.
  4. “P” introduces a number of new security features, including a unified fingerprint authentication dialog and high-assurance user confirmation of sensitive transactions.
  5. Android P enables encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret. Because of this privacy measure, the device’s PIN, pattern, or password is required to restore data from the backups made by the user’s device.


Do you think that your device will receive an update for Android P. I mean Android OREO was released in August 2017 and only 2% (total – 1 billion) devices are running oreo?