Google released their new application on 4th Dec 2017 on play store. “DATALLY”. Datally is an application that can track & help you to save data on your mobile, tablet etc. Google datally is developed by next billion users, people who make Google apps which make the internet more accessible to developing nations.

Datally is a powerful application, Google claims datally can help you save more than 30% of data. It will help you track the data used by different applications & even block them to use it more. Datally does it with a use of VPN. Many time your data, being used by an application a lot in the background without you knowing, data saver help you to control it on an app by app basis.

Datally track every megabyte of data used by your phone on an hourly basis. Datally also helps you to find a good public WI-FI network & also allow you to rate it for other people on the app.

Download link – GOOGLE PLAY STORE