Vivo & Synaptics recently showcased their new in-screen fingerprint reader. And now Samsung filed a patent that shows how they can put the whole front camera under the display section. Till now you can’t put a front camera inside the screen, however, which resulted in a notch in some smartphones like iPhone X.


This patent by Samsung has an idea (in theory) that they can put the entire front portion which contains camera, earpiece & sensors behind the glass screen, this will solve the entire problem of odd notches in the smartphones. Mi Mix by Xiaomi had already earpiece below the screen & near bezel-less design but it did not sound great at all. New drawings by Samsung also shows us fingerprint scanner behind the screen. Just like new Synaptics technology.


This amazing technology is working because of OLED screen. OLED is a self-light emitting screen. This means our screen can activate those pixels (when needed) which are necessary for the hardware for work. What Samsung is planning to do is they will use high refresh rate, the device could flick the screen on & off very fast which allow a camera to peek and click the shot we wanted it to when the display is in off mode.

After viewing all of these futuristic technologies I can say future of smartphones is gonna be best of all time. I mean imagine a pure bezel-less 4k display with no 18:9 or anything pure screen in front.