Google announced to launch their ad-blocker for chrome in Feb 2018. Google promised this chrome feature earlier this year. This Valentine week you can enjoy an advertisement free experience on your web page.

This new feature doesn’t kill all the ads on the page, ad-blocker will only work on those ads which give a user an annoying experience.

which type of ads will be blocked?

The advertisements that are considered bad using standards determined by the coalition for better ads. which ban ads like full-page ads, autoplay video, audio, vibrations etc. Which are not up to the standards.

The main aim of this programme is to give a user clean and simple webpage environment. Google said they will notify the websites which are carrying these types of harmful ads which can ruin the web environment through their ad experience robot tools. Google will block even his own ads if they were found not to meet the set standards.

The ad-blocker update will be pushed out on 15th Feb 2018 to all the users. Till then you can use a number of extensions for your browser from chrome extension store.

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