How to Play YOUTUBE Videos in background


If you are one of those who wants to play youtube videos in the background without paying for it, then my friend you are in right place.

Today in this post I will show you, how you can play youtube videos in the background on your android smartphone. we all want to listen to youtube videos in the background at some point. But youtube doesn’t support a feature to do so, at least not in the free version of youtube application.


The first way is very simple to do all you need to do is following:-

STEP 1 – Open in your chrome browser.

STEP 2 – Find this [icon name=”ellipsis-v” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  button & touch it, a drop-down menu will open. Scroll down to find “REQUEST DESKTOP SITE” & check it.

STEP 3 – Find the song or video you want to play. Play it & hit minimize (home button).



Android Oreo brings a new feature to the table “PICTURE IN PICTURE” mode. With this new feature, you can play Youtube video in a small window.

STEP 1 – head on to settings.

STEP 2 – search for the picture in picture mode.

STEP 3 – Turn it on for all the apps.

STEP 4 – Now open an app, play a video & hit the home button.

STEP 5 – Enjoy.

Thank You.