Apple iMac pro is here!!

If you don’t know about or not familiar with iMac pro it is a professional grade computer made by

Apple iMac pro was teased by Apple at WWDC  & here it is now.  iMac pro is a beast when we talk about specification, it is designed for people who need to render, process a lot of data, video & files. Basically, it is a workstation with up to 18 cores. An iMac with 8 cores is remarkable enough but an iMac with up to 18 cores is a monster, it can achieve any task. Design of this new machine is pretty similar to other macs but they revolutionize the interiors.

New iMac pro has turbo boost speed up to 4.5GHz which provide a balance between single thread processing & multi-thread processing.  Apple gave us a choice between 8, 10 & 18 cores to choose from with Xeon processor & up to 42MB cache.

This powerful machine is powered by Radeon Pro vega which is 3 times more powerful than any previous mac graphics processing unit. It will help in translate to higher frame rate for Virtual rate & real-time 3D rendering.

Now let us talk about the display, new iMac pro has retina 5k display which looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a 27-inch screen with 500 nits & it is 43% brighter than before with more than 14 million pixels. which means you can see true to life images because it supports more than a billion colors.



27 inch Retina 5k display.

P3 panel with 500 nits brightness.

5120 x 2880 resolution.

DIMENSIONS  _______________________

Height – 20.3 inches

Width – 25.6 inches

Stand depth – 8 inch

Weight – 9.7 kg

PROCESSOR & STORAGE  ___________________

Processor – 8 cores , 10 cores & 18 cores

Storage – 1TB Solid state drive

CAMERA ________________________________

1080p Facetime HD camera


Wifi – 802.11ac wifi wireless networking.

Bluetooth – 4.2 wireless technology.


  • Four thunderbolt 3 (usb – c) ports.
  • Four USB 3 ports.
  • SDXC card slot with support for UHS-II.
  • 10 GB N base ethernet support.
  • Headphone jack

GRAPHICS _______________________________________

Radeonpro vega 56 with 8gb of HBM2 memory.


For the base version price of new imac pro is $4,999. Roughly (Rs. 3,21,510).

INDIAN Price for base version  Rs. 4,15,000