Intel has unveiled new eyewear yesterday. “VAUNT” an impressive lightweight, small & almost normal looking glasses with AR (augmented reality) technology.

The glasses weigh only 50 grams. The main aim of  “VAUNT” is to provide information to users (information like – HEADS UP NOTIFICATIONS. IN DEMO they showed us how you could see a person personal info. – like birthday number & emails by them while chatting to them.). Intel also demonstrates autodetect feature by Vaunt. It can detect your surrounding & give you result accordingly. (example – if you are in kitchen you can expect recipes).


vaunt steam

Intel used a low-powered, class one laser which sits inside the module built into one of the steam. That laser does most of the work. It shines a red monochrome image on to the holographic reflector on the right lens. Then that image reflected back into our retina and that’s how we are able to see the floating information of the subject & certain notifications.

Also, the other steam holds batteries & electronics for the laser. It equals the weight on both sides of the glasses (Total weight – 50 grams). If you are worried about the LASER INTO YOUR EYES then don’t. Intel said it is a very low powered laser. So, low that does not even need to get it certified.


Vaunt glasses

  • Vaunt is different than other AR glasses or smart glasses made by other manufacturers. Google Glass & Magic leap makes you look like a creep with cameras & awkward design but Vaunt looks and feel exactly like regular glass. It does not have a camera, push button or weird gestures for work. You can roll over your eyes to dismiss the notification.
  • It has Bluetooth to link in with your phone, Processor for applications & some sensors like accelerometer, a compass to detect your surroundings.
  • Intel also gave us a hint that further models can have Alexa & google assistant support.
  • All the parts are custom made by Intel – chips, parts everything.


At first, it is available only for developers. later it will be launched for common & daily day to day use.