Gram segment from LG is not new, it is here since 2015 . Main USP of gram is that they are very light in weight & still provide great performance with huge battery life. On , 14th december LG announced their new range /versions of GRAMS :-

  • 13.3 inch model
  • 14 inch model
  • 15 inch model

All of them have 8th generation processor by intel (i5 & i7 to choose with SSD) . Lg claims battery can last an entire day on single charge . This is a big deal for everyone . Exact battery backup¬† “according to LG”¬† will be :-

  • 22.5 HOURS for 13.3 inch model
  • 21.5 HOURS for 14 inch model
  • 19 HOURS for 15 inch model

As i told you the Unique selling point of gram is its weight . So, weight of these new laptops is following :-

  • For 13.3 & 14 inch model – 2 pounds (0.907 kg)
  • For 15 inch model – 2.4 pounds (1.089 kg)

This makes it highly portable for anyone. This ultrabook has option to add an external SSD to it. We will review it once it is out in CES 2018. Till then