Oneplus 5/3/3T could be updated with face unlock feature same as 5T


One plus is a well-known company in India and around the globe for their great smartphone spec. at a reasonable price, aka flagship killer. Recently iPhone x came up with a new face unlock technology which is phenomenal. After this Oneplus 5t launched and with it they introduced their face unlock feature. Face unlock on one plus 5T is the faster than any other smartphone in the history and it works pretty well for everyone. yes, it is not smart and secure than iPhone x but you always have fingerprint option available for that which iPhone is lacking.

According to the recent post of the company, they want to introduce this feature in one plus 5. One plus announced this feature for one plus 5 via OTA(over the air) update and asked 3 & 3T users whether they want this feature or not.

One plus confirmed this in a forum post LINK. According to the post, Oneplus 5 will be the first to receive it in an OPEN BETA BUILD for OP5 as an early test. Then soon they will release it worldwide.

For OP3/3T they said:-

“You all inspired us to bring Face Unlock to the OnePlus 5. When you share your thoughts and feedback, you impact how we build and maintain our devices. In the spirit of building together, we’d also like to ask our OnePlus 3 and 3T users: Do you want Face Unlock too?”

One plus also told us that oreo was the last major update for OP3/3T which was rolled out in November. OnePlus 3/3T is still a great smartphone with no lag at all & almost pure android with oxygen OS on it. And face unlock is like cheery on ice cream.

So, go ahead and tell them if you want it or not in the comments. FORUM LINK.