Vivo is a Chinese technology company that designs, develops & manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories. In India Vivo target budget oriented audience and well known for “PERFECT SELFIE” feature in their smartphones. But in CES 2018 Vivo came up with a smartphone which has fingerprint scanner beneath the screen. The company partnered with Synaptics, a firm which is popular for touch-pads. Earlier this month Synaptics announced that they have developed a way to embedding the fingerprint scanner into the display & technology is ready for mass production.


This amazing technology is working because of OLED screen & a clever piece of hardware developed by Synaptics. OLED is a self-light emitting screen. This means our screen can activate those pixels (when needed) which are necessary for the hardware for work.

Basically, when you put your thumb up on the screen a beam of light will be thrown by the panel which will map the pattern of your finger and a capacitive scanner will scan it for further references.  Synaptics said that this technology will gonna be faster than 3D face scanning technology by Apple.

In 2018 you can expect more smartphones with this technology as fingerprint scanner is a reliable source of security. Synaptics also announced 5 companies who will use this in-screen scanner on their devices.