India is THE country that stands out when we , talk about highest number of two wheeler in a country. According to a survey India holds more than 40 million motorcycle or mopeds.

So, our beloved google gave us a TWO WHEELER mode in “GOOGLE MAPS” application.

India is the first & only country for now who got this update.¬† Google maps is a navigation or web mapping service by google which offers real time tracking and directions to a particular destination.Before this update google maps has 4 modes for “get directions” (Drive , Taxi , Walk , Transport) . But after this sweet update we have (Drive , Two – wheeler , Train and bus & Cab).



-> This google update is very helpful for citizens of India because of following :-

i. It will tell us about the Road closure even for two wheelers.

ii. Parking status at destination whether yes or no space for two wheelers.

iii. Show unique ways for two wheelers.

So, what are you waiting for if you are a two wheeler user then go and update your app.

Thank You